Getting started

The iFirePager service must be applied for by an authorized person, on behalf of a organization. Then we will collect some basic information from you.


As part of the approval process, we will verify that you are authorized by the organization and applying on behalf of the organization.

What next?

Apply, submit the required information, then wait to be verified (allow up to 1 week). If the organization is approved, you will be granted access through our website to use the service.


To use the service 'iFirePager' the organization (Fire Dept, EMS, Government Agency, etc.) must apply and be approved.

The service is completely free to use while it's being beta tested. It's not known how long the beta testing will last, or if the service will actually make it to the final released version. It's anticipated the service will be in beta, for most or all of 2021.

Beta means the app generally works, and is complete enough to use the core functions of the app. But the app will be missing many features that will be in the final version. The app is actively being worked on, so expect frequent updates to the app and services. Your feedback about the app would be appreciated in our forums.

Users are granted access through the Organization (Fire Dept, EMS, Government Agency, etc.) to use the service. Applications for personal use, are not accepted. Once approved, the organization will be able to grant/remove individual users.

While the app can be downloaded by anyone, only approved organizations can upload audio streams. To utilize most of the features of this app, the users will need to be a member of an Organization. Only members can receive alerts (2-tone paging) or use the tracking map in the app.

This service is intended to be use by Fire Departments, Emergency Management, First Responders, Hospitals, EMS Squads and other similar organizations. The service allows users to receive two-tone pages and dispatch audio on their smart device.

The service needs an audio source supplied by the Department. This can come from a scanner/radio/old pager or a direct connection to the dispatch center audio. This is the hardest part about using the service, setting up the audio source. Basically, you need a windows computer (an old computer works just fine), that has a 'line in' or 'mic in' jack. Then you install our software on the computer, which sends the audio up to our servers over an internet connection.

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What's the difference between the 'iFirePager app' and the 'Client Uploader' software?

What can, and can't be done with the iFirePager service?